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    • This blog tracks my self-set personal challenge to complete Fallout: New Vegas, using no weapons.
    • You can find a full detailed run-down of the what's and why by following this link: CLICK ME.
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    • the game difficulty is currently set to Normal with Hardcore mode on, I shall attempt to raise difficulty unless it impedes progress.

Session 16 | Oh grave, where is thy victory,

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

Reloading the game, I buck up my spirit and roll out into the western wastes of Vegas. The walk ahead is quite a long one so I sip my coffee and watch as the scenery plays out around me.

I come across a location or two, but one location in particular makes me stop, and think. The Poseidon gas station. An ordinary, run down, boarded up building, a little radioactive but otherwise very ordinary. Its northern perimeter edged by mountains and its south western facing looks over a makeshift fort... The locale is littered with fiends, I've already snuck my way past one group, killed a lone straggler, but this fort is home to Violet and her dogs.

Dogs aren't a problem as long as there isn't too many of them in the pack. Fiends aren't a problem, just punch them a few times and they die. Violet combined with dogs is a big problem. I begin by sneaking as far away from the encampment as I can feasibly do so. I guess the dogs 'see' me because all too quickly there are 3 of them running right at me. One of them being Violetta. A named dog character that could be an issue.

Fallout New Vegas, dog, Violetta

I break from sneaking to running and head to cover, I can hear Violet shooting at me from distance. I back up and prepare to face the dogs, the 1st dog dies quickly, while I knock Violetta around using 'Ranger takedown'. at this stage I note I'm taking serious damage from the shots that Violet is landing on me. I pump med-x and stims, I take a hit from Violetta and my health plummets, I frantically ram super-stims and other meds into my character.

I continue to tangle with Violetta, but the high damage from Violets shots are really, really hurting... Violetta gets back up from a punch I'd landed... leaps at me and decimates the last third of my hit points.

Another death, and so soon after the previous! I can't help but feel the game is getting back at me.

"I intend to live forever, or die trying."
- Groucho Marx

Violent vengeance on Violet

I reload the game, in full knowledge that in just moments I will be 'spotted' by the dogs (really bad place to save a game if you ask me...) so, this time I pre-emptively ram every available med and performance enhancer into my character and run right toward where Violet will come out of her encampment.

The dogs spot me... I keep running.
 - - Violet comes out... Still running.
 - - - The dogs are attacking me.. hit the VATs key and pound Violets face.

The flurry of action sees me repeatedly using the pip-boy for meds, but the assault is quick enough that I end Violet even before she gets of a third shot. With her removed from the equation Violetta gets my full attention, and I batter that pooch more than a piece of haddock on fish-night. The other sundry dogs are of no concern. and I breath once more as I settle into my triumph.

Level 15 statsI finish what I'd started and head to Red Rock to discover the Great Khans, I'm treated to my Level 15 advancement for my troubles and then I quick-travel back to Novac to fill up on meds, sell up my loot and prepare for the next session, Let's hope it starts to get better.

Character Details:
Level 15
Unarmed Skill 70
Combat Armour Mk2, Boones Beret

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