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Session 21 | Brotherhood is a two-way street.

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

Video treat time!

I've included a written synopsis below, but for once I'd taken video of pretty much my entire play session (well, excluding a little walking about...) so sit back and enjoy. If the video it too long / dull, just zip down the page to read up on what happened.

 For those of a less video-oriented disposition... 

After zipping about a little I decided to crack on with another NCR focused main quest, namely 'deal with the Brotherhood of Steel'. Tempting fate I thought I'd make a meal of things, firstly taking time to deftly nip about the Brotherhood bunker at Hidden Valley and steal the key-cards from key personnel so I could activate the bunker self destruct.

This wasn't challenging enough however, so, I reload the game to a point just before I enter the bunker. This time I throw all caution and care out of the proverbial window as I wade in fists flying. Other than learning that power armour is hard to punch and that Mk VI turrets are pretty much invincible (about 15 mins in video) in due course I've put down the entire Brotherhood chapter single handed (and with liberal use of healing medication).

This left a bad taste in my mouth however, and even looking at all the loot I could possibly now take, dozens of suits of power armour... more weapons and ammo than I could carry even if making several trips, but no, I had to be the better person.

So I opted to re-re-load the game one final time and took the diplomatic approach. With the Brotherhood now on good terms with the NCR I finish up by furthering my capabilities - I want me some of that shiny metal power armour, and that means being trained... And that means proving myself to the Brotherhood and joining their ranks.

So it's off to beat up some Super Mutants, the preferred pass-time of BoS members. With little effort I stomp on up the mountain side and kick mucho-butt-o (I have this on video too, but editing / uploading takes time, I'll post the video in a new separate post when I get chance).

I end the session helping defend the president from a would be assassin during his visit to Hoover dam. After finishing all my assigned tasks I save the game at the point where I'm about to enter the very last stage of the game, the battle for the dam. I cannot foresee that It's going to be very difficult, nonetheless I'll be prepping myself with med supplies and fully repaired armour! Session 22 ... watch this space!

NCR Brotherhood Vault boy

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