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Session 20 | Super boring mode active

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

So, while this was one of my longer play sessions It was really dull.

I start by heading into Vegas to talk with the King, and by extension of this begin the side quest to fix Rex. Wandering about Vegas allows me to wrap up a character challenge - get barred from all of the casinos... Which thanks to some sexy nightwear, and my already high 'Luck' characteristic was easy enough to do.

Vegas winnings

After this I get to the task of fixing a broken dog, which involves a lot of walking, followed by even more fast travel as I first go to discover and then spend time zipping back and forth between Jacobstown and various quest locations. I kill a few fiends and while in Jacobstown pick up some quick quests, obliterating a few night stalkers and grabbing a little experience.

In due course, Rex is all fixed up and I turn my attention elsewhere...

Having concluded this rather dull series of travels, I then repeat the process, this time with the Great Khans for their odd little integral quest that links to NCR at Hoover Dam... All this travelling is really dull, and being that I've been through this game a good few times the 'immersive' NPC speeches are now superfluous to my interest and are there simply for me to test how quickly I can click through the speech options.

The Khans are nice enough to teach me an unarmed attack move (which I may never actually make use of) for my troubles.

Great Khans unarmed perk


It's not quite a complete waste of my time however, during my travels I have to fight off three lots of Legion assassins, the first lot attack me while I had Rex, and I was surprised when he one-hit killed them... but I figure Rex is 'unarmed' of sorts so felt nothing bad as I watched him tear up a few legion boys.

With Rex at my side even Deathclaws have absolutely no chance, and oddly they apparently have no chance against the physics engine either, I managed to snap a screenshot of one Deathclaw as it stretched into infinity after being hit in VATS.

Deathclaw game glitch

Keep in mind, I've already applied several user patches that fix many bugs... but apparently not this one!

Looting Overload

With Legion now pretty much handing me guns and armour to sell, along with general wasteland looting, I've got more caps than the English cricket team (also- holy crap where did that analogy come from?)

I now have so many caps I simply hoard meds from any vendor I meet, this has lead to me having a very large stash of food and meds stacked in the refrigerator in Novac, I had to go and top up a few times thanks to 12.5mm sub-machine guns which make my poor face hurt while I run toward them.

So, it is after many hours of walking, fast travelling and speech rapid-fire-mouse clicking that I close what has to be one of the dullest sessions I've had.

To the Future!

I hope my efforts have sufficiently advanced my NCR quest lines such that I can wrap up. I feel that there really is little that can now stop me.

A point of note, during this session I advanced a level and took the GRX implant allowing me non-addictive 'Turbo' drugs. Although I've not mentioned turbo much it has been one of my most treasured and often used meds. The brief section of 'slowed time' allows me to wail on an opponent and anything short of a Deathclaw sands no chance while I have Turbo active.

The sheer number of attacks means I land more critical hits , and that tends to mean that even robots go down before they can even start firing at me

Thank you Turbo!

I end the session having gained a level and hopefully advanced the main story for NCR quite a way.

Character Detail:

  • Level 34
  • Unarmed Skill: 100
  • Combat Armour Mk2
  • Boones Beret
  • Atomic-valence tri-radii-oscillator
  • Rebreather

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