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Session 5 | Repconn looting

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

After the crash previously, I revisited the Mojave Outpost then zipped about a bit, including a revisit to the Bison Steve Hotel in Primm for a couple of rounds with the convicts there. Soon enough i found myself in the downward spiral of looting everything that wasn't moving, with a sudden realisation that I should actually try and get back to the storyline and stop procrastinating in the wasteland.

Fun Fact

I accidentally used the fast travel to the wrong location, and quickly learned that 2 radscorpions is enough to completely tear me apart, especially when encumbered by loot (unable to run) so, although this was an incidental and utterly accidental occurrence, I'l still marking it as my 2nd in game death.

Oh, and I'm intending on avoiding nasty creatures until I can somehow buff up either my resilience or my ability to punch them.

Back on track

So, off to Repconn I go! and for your enjoyment, I took a short, moderately dull video of me looting wandering aimlessly and punching ghouls.

Point of note: I spend a lot of time 'focusing' on picking up cigarettes, the reason for this is that they have zero carry weight but sell for a few caps each, and so are one of the best resources to get some income without becoming overburdened by trying to carry half the known universe in your back pocket as loot.

Enjoy the show:

Nothing much else to report on from this little wander about, I gained a few caps and replenished my falling stocks of meds. I'll try to make some real headway in my next session, sadly I think I may be faced with my 3rd death
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