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Session 12 | Buh-bye Benny...

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

Vegas has proven to be quite profitable for my experience points... I've opened up several questlines like Gomorrah etc but more importantly...

Benny Vidi Vici

This was a fun part, dealing with Benny, but in a way I've never done before. Part of my character build is the perk 'Black Widow' which opens up some fun dialogue...

I end up convincing good ol' face-shootin' Benny to look passed our past and head to the bed, Actually I quite enjoyed the idea that I really did screw Benny over. Literally.

After a ruckus in the rompin' rooms it's time for a little payback, so I kill Benny, happy days!

Platinum chip status: Acquired!

This small act plus a dribble of XP that comes from the aftermath with Mr House & Legion Camp travels from the last session means one thing, Level 12

Level 12 stats
I wrap up some small quest joiners and call it a day. Not a long one this time about, but certainly a lot of story line aspects coming together.

Character Detail:
Level 12
Unarmed Skill 65
Combat Armour Mk2, Combat Helmet Mk2 (reinforced)

I actually purchased some armour! - worth noting that I'm quite rich in caps now... the constant sale of ammo which I'll never need is a great revenue source.

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