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Session 6 | Dealing with Davison

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

Well, this session left me confused, annoyed and a little unsure of the task at hand.

Firstly, I found that even super mutants can be punched to death given that I used MANY stimpacks, med-x and psycho, I was even able to defeat the 'jailer' by using my last Turbo.

I've taken a video of a lot of my journey, but as I came to wrap up I've cut the end.

Why? I hear you ask, well it seems I was doomed to fail the quest and at no fault of my own. There are potential spoilers here but I shall instead resort to a brief run-down:

The crappy game engine fails to properly 'check' certain things, and one of those things is important, In the current quest there is a Super Mutant by the name of Davison. Like most Super Mutants, he's big, a little dumb, very tough and more importantly, Davison hits like a train.

Here's where it gets bugged, the game checks a certain thing, then, if that check fails the game orders Davison to smash the players face in. Which ... is exactly what happened to me.

However the check that occurs is bugged, I've had to add ANOTHER player made bug correction mod specific to this issue. To this end, I'm unsure if I should count this toward my 'death tally'. For sake of accuracy I shall (at least for now) include this death. It may be unfair, but it did happen.

Video goodness ahoy!

Repconn Cleanup

So, the video shows me pretty much wrapping up the Repconn situation, I spend some time cleaning around for loot, a few caps toward my ongoing requirement for medications.

After making good my efforts I then continue the push the quest line which in turn means I now have to go humping about the wasteland on a fetch-carry part of the storyline. the session ends with me running away from some Golden Geckos.

Character Detail:
Level 5
Unarmed Skill 50
Space Suit & Space Helmet

It's worth noting that for some time I was still wearing the Metal armour and Cycle helmet even though both were at zero state of repair, briefly I took to wearing a legion scout mask but then found the space suit from Repconn to be superior in respect of its defensive capability.

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