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Session 7 | The procrastination station

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

Barton Thorn
So after the monster sesh last time, I've taken some time out once more to indulge a little wasteland wandering, back up to Goodsprings to get some experience beating gecko's and dealing with Barton Thorn... I may yet actually decide to finish the Goodsprings side quest, but it's not needed at the moment and I've been making good advancement through the main storyline.

Perhaps another time...

Gecko, Fallout New Vegas
Between the remaining loot of Repconn, (I'm now attempting to raise my speech so I can get a part for Chris from Old Lady Gibson) and a spot of light looting, I'm still failing to keep a good enough stock of meds, I'm all but out of psycho, med-x is low and while I do have some reserve simpacks, I fear these may not be enough.

I actually spent an awful lot of caps with the various doctors, the radiation, the wounds... I have to say, life in the wastes is tough!

My brief escape into the wilds had me take out some Jackal Gang, about 5 of them at once, and also some Powder Gangers, I think it's fair to say that small firearms are no threat to me. On the flip side, I am becoming increasingly frustrated by any human enemy with a melee weapon as they tend to block my atatcks and make my life harder than it need be, generally the only way to overcome such foe is using VATS. Hopefully this will change as I take various perks to aid my combat.

What's next then?

My plan of attack for the next sesh is to level up, raise my speech and get the part so I can finally put to be the Repconn HQ ghouls quest. It seems to have dragged on for ages!

Here's a map attempting to highlight where I've been, but I think it's safer to say I've been around quite a lot of the local area of Novac and GoodSprings.

Novac Map, Fallout New Vegas

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