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Session 8 | Haven't I been here before?

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

After my previous session I started a crusade against the wastes, I needed experience points, and no simple wasteland is going to hold me back!
It's a nice thought, but in honesty this is one of those times where I'm using my meta-game knowledge to help overcome some of my self imposed limitation. If I had guns, grenades and lasers I'd probably be in Vegas already at this stage of the game.
Instead I'm deliberately pausing my advancement to eke out any experience I can. So, for this session I begin with a revisit to Nipton...

Hello old friend

From meta-knowledge (that is to say, things I know, but my character wouldn't) there is some residual experience to be had in Nipton - The town hall is guarded by Legion dogs, and around the town there are opportunities for lock-picking and trap diffusing. This is all rudimentary stuff, but it is also stuff that grants Experience.
I was ever so thankful to find some medical supplies in Nipton hall. and not because I need to stock up (although, at the time this is true) but because the damnable dogs tore me up something bad.
Crippled Pip-Boy Readout
I can honestly say that having two crippled legs and being overburdened is one of the most painfully slow means of travel.
I dumped some of the loot, swig back a beer and head off to Goodsprings to see the doc.
And while in Goodsprings I initiate the side quest there. Again I'll stress that right now I simply want to level up, I need the skill points...

Levelling up

Level 6 character stats
After quickly bumbling about Goodsprings and soaking up experience points like a sponge, I fast travel to the Mojave Outpost, pretty much for the same reason as Goodsprings... there are side quests just waiting to be picked up!
Thankfully I didn't even have to work for it, pretty much getting the experience for free! In part I have to thank a caravan merchant that helped me kill some Giant Ants, and then was nice enough to buy a bunch of crappy loot from me. All in all this was a triumph.
The Courier and a Merchant
I had one more resource to pull on, and this was a good one. Location exploration - The simple act of finding new locations triggers a small experience reward. couple this with the inerrant fact that wandering around the wastes you find various animals and people (in this case more Jackal Gangers) that want to kill you.
This means simply by wandering about a little, I can get even more experience points.
Check out the map below to get an idea of just where I was wandering about, the red shaded areas indicate I was mostly in that locale.
Map of Goodsprings to Mojave Outpost to Novac

A job well done

Level 7 Character Stats
I managed to end the session scraping Level 7 away from the underside of my now well word boots. It was a good push, but I need one more level before I feel really comfortable taking on anything more substantial than some pet pooches and a handful of mildly annoyed pea-shooter wielding idiots.
At level 6 I took a rank of the Toughness perk, which has actually really helped as It has reduced the amount of stimpacks I have to use, I take noticeably less damage in combat than before.

Character Detail:
Level 7
Unarmed skill 54
Leather armour (reinforced) & Combat Helmet Mk2 (reinforced)

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