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Session 15 | Oh death, where is thy sting...

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

I'd rather not go back over the sadness of the previous session, but this next session didn't exactly go well either...

Once more I try to progress the main storyline, so I return to The Fort, job over to the bunker and dive in. The radiation in the bunker is only mildly annoying, what's more annoying is that I have neither the Science skill for the computer terminals nor the Lockpick skill for several lockers.
Undeterred I keep going deeper into the bunker.

Where we're going you won't need guns...

Now, I know that there are robots here, but I have no fear of them, I've taken out a good few robotic adversaries. While I do have to wonder just what my characters fists are actually made of that I can punch an armoured security robot into bits.

This little contemplation is quickly removed from my thoughts as I realise that I'm taking more damage than I perhaps can sustain, the Protectrons here, and there are a good number of them, are somewhat easy to handle by evading the group, singling out one or two into a confined space and then using the 'Ranger takedown' perk.

Knocking the robots down gives me about 2 seconds to really go to town on them before they can get up and I just repeat the process over.

This has become a successful technique for taking on very tough enemies or ones that have very high damage-per-hit (for example Giant Radscorpions). My problem wasn't these robots, although I did use a fair amount of meds to correct for their laser fire.

However, A problem arose in the form of the defensive Mk IV turrets. Thanks Mr House... Unlike their electronic cousins the turrets are immune to 'knock-down' and in comparison to the Protectrons the turrets have far superior fire-power. This information too too long to get from my eyes, to my brain ... and then far too long for my hands to waggle the mouse in such a way it looked like I was trying to have my character run for their little digital life.

The turrets defeat me, the slow motion assuredness of another death plays out for me to painfully observe what happens when I get too confident. But, if the challenge were simple, the reward would be unappealing.

Nope, Nope, Nope... 

After the wonder that is the 'respawn at last save' I decide the Fort is still outside of my capability, So.. how about I do a little more work for Yes Man? Time has come for me to find the Khans, it's a dangerous journey... there are Cazadores on the roads in that direction, but finishing this would take me one step closer to story completion.

One journey via fast travel later I find myself at the southern edge of Vegas. I actually ended the session here for a quick break... you'll find out how well things go in my next post...

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