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Session 17.5 | I'd almost forgotten this!

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

Silly me, I'd all but forgotten one of the single most defining moments of my game thus far...

This post was added on 13th April, but the content dated from around the 5th so ahs been put in blog order at that point.

Time for a rewind;

Upon having returned from Big MT (see a few posts previous...) I decided that I had the capability to take on Quarry Junction... Sloan... Deathclaws!

Yup, that's right, a quarry full of deathclaws, me and my fists. Lucky for you good folk, I made the effort to record the event with FRAPS and so, without further ado, let the show begin!

Death comes to those who claw

The video cuts at the end, and I had to reload again, in total I died 3 times doing this. Once to the male alpha and twice to the mother.

Sadly I have not got a video of the end of this little scuffle but I did beat the mother (pun intended) and emerged victorious.

Sadly it's times like this where 'quicksave' breaks the immersion a little. I've basically abused the space-time continuum of the Fallout universe for my own benefit, however - It's a legitimate in game mechanic so I can't beat myself up too much... unlike those Deathclaws, I beat them good.

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