• New Vegas, No Weapons ...

    • This blog tracks my self-set personal challenge to complete Fallout: New Vegas, using no weapons.
    • You can find a full detailed run-down of the what's and why by following this link: CLICK ME.
    • You can view the mods that I'm using on this page CLICK ME, to confirm if there are any game enhancers or things that could possibly help me in any way.
    • the game difficulty is currently set to Normal with Hardcore mode on, I shall attempt to raise difficulty unless it impedes progress.

I start this session in an all to normal state of procrastination, I want to get several quests done... but I'm halted by a severe lack of ability.

I decide to aim low and I fast-travel to Camp Searchlight, killing a few Giant Radscorpions can't be too hard, and then it's just the task of talking Private Edwards out of his dogtag.

It turns out that there is only one Giant Radscorpion remaining, apparently my chums the NCR patrol had already killed one! So, with a little meta-knowledge (yes.. this means I checked the Wiki...) I went about getting Edwards to abandon the place and give me his tags. This allowed me to wrap up a side-quest with Sergeant Astor, nabbing enough experience to be granted my level 16.

As you can see, my Lockpick is still under 50, which is annoying as many locks are 'average difficulty'. This leaves me still in a position where I cannot make swift' advancement through many side-quests, most importantly for me, the Brotherhood quest lines.


"I have defeated this earthworm with my words. Imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists."

-Charlie Sheen

Time to kick some ass!

New Level, New Perk!

I get a new perk at level 16, and this one is going to be really helpful!

This is certainly a great help in my aim to defeat the wastes with only my fleshy hand parts. I think however, I may need to engage in some thorough testing of my new found punching powers.

With this in mind, and considering my current stalemate with the Mojave, this can mean only one thing...

Looks Like a case of the old World Blues

I've decided to head into the DLC side-quest, to boost experience points and to purposely remove myself from the feeling of being stuck and not making any real advancement.

I'll not be chronicling my journey in the Big MT, I don't see it as beneficial to the purpose of this blog, however I will post up the advancements I make. I thoroughly expect to gain more than a few levels, and with that a whole cadre of new perks. Once I return to the Mojave I should be in a position to really wade through some quest lines.

Character Detail:
Level 16
Unarmed Skill: 71
Combat Armour Mk2, Boones Beret

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