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    • This blog tracks my self-set personal challenge to complete Fallout: New Vegas, using no weapons.
    • You can find a full detailed run-down of the what's and why by following this link: CLICK ME.
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    • the game difficulty is currently set to Normal with Hardcore mode on, I shall attempt to raise difficulty unless it impedes progress.

Session 10 | look ma, no guns!

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

Rather anticlimactically my X session was nothing more than a brief journey further around the outskirts of Vegas and a journey back to Goodsprings.

I got attacked by a new human opponent for my troubles, a lone member of the Scorpion Gang armed with a knife. This once again proves to me that anyone with a combat weapon is harder to kill then if they had a machine gun...

The blocking is really annoying, nearly every punch I throw in 'real time' is blocked. Only in VATS do I get to actually cause any damage against these opponents.

Sadly I dont have time today to really get into things, I wanted to finish Goodsprings, but real life has to come first, and I'm off to take care of that!


Ok, I'm back again... last night was fun, drinks were drunk and we all enjoyed a game of Cards Against Humanity, which is pretty much always certain to be fun.

Now... back to Fallout New Vegas for me

First stop, Goodsprings

Hey look here's that quest I've left open for I don't know how long, oh well may as well finish it ... at LONG last.

I rattle around completing some questy to & fro bits n' bobs and soon enough there are Powder Gangers shooting at me and calling me nasty names. Bullets I can deal with but name calling? Nah, that don't slide, time to punch them all until they die.

So, I did.

What's next?...

To Primm my good man, and don't spare the brahmin!

Righty-oh, how to wrap up Primm? hmm reprogram a robot you say, well my character is no where near capable of reprogramming a robot, If only there were a magazine I could read which would somehow temporarily bolster my characters ability.

Oh look, Johnson Nash has EXACTLY THAT.

so, now Primm has a robot sheriff, there... are we all square here, can I move on now please?

I miss Vegas, can we go back please?

Ugly character
Ugly is the new grey.
By the power of Fast-travel, make it so!

While in Vegas I'm attacked by some n'er do wells that I dispatch with ease
.. and probably for the betterment of mankind, because, well - damn they ugly!

I start collecting every quest line I can grab, and quickly fulfil several of their requirements, I wrap up one small quest and then...

Oh wait, why is my character even in Vegas ?

It seems I've inadvertently meta-gamed my way into the future of my character. Unintentionally so. nonetheless I open my pip-boy to see that I've not completed the story quest arc in which my charcter is 'invited' to go to Vegas, namely the story line in Novac.

In all my haste, I've slung my characters headlong into Vegas and stupidly forgotten to keep things on track, this means I have to backtrack a little, which goes hand-in-hand with some of the side-quests I've taken from in Vegas.

How to not succeed, at anything...

I journey southward, headed to Primm, I take a route past the Sunset Sasparilla factory and decide to engage a little light looting ... and this was a silly choice.

The juicy loot that awaits me is guarded still by several robots. and I rush in full of bravado, ignorance and a touch or arrogance. I'm not sure at what stage I have the sudden and all too late realisation that my character is punching the robots (a good thing) the robots are shooting me with lasers (a bad thing) and one side of this fight is loosing more hit points than the other...

That side, being me.

I start the normal routine, meds, some food ... but my hit points are plummeting, along with sustaining serious wounding. And I'm not even half way through the first robot.

I fluster a little bit, med-x, jet, super stimpacks ...

Still I'm loosing!

Now, I'm faced with the very clear understanding ... this is not a fight I'm going to win. I battle it out, I take down the first robot, I add some psycho to the chem mix that now makes up 90% of my bloodstream the second robot looks like a good potential for dying, however at this stage, my various life sustaining medication can no longer keep up. The barrage of well placed laser shots is too much, and I succumb. Death, in all it's eerie slow-motion faded screen spectacle ...

undeterred The game reloads, the auto save feature loads me directly back into the same warehouse. This time however I understand the predicament, as though inspired by Bill Murry himself I, know what this future brings.


Are now applied, and with gusto akin to a cornered chihuahua I launch into the robots... it takes more meds than I care to easily dismiss, but I stand victorious over my three robotic assailants!..

... and then I run away for fear there may be more.

As though these robots are harbingers of destiny, what follows is a cruel echo of those events..

I travel to Novac, and decide to take on one of the side quests from Vegas.. its location not far from Novac. So into the wastes I travel (or more accurately fast travel...) I arrive, and realise that several feral ghouls have re-spawned in the location, but I fear no ghoul!

Well, I do now... perhaps the increased difficulty is doing its best to remind me that this is a challenge I'm undertaking. So, I run... I run far enough that most of the ghouls give up, and I turn to combat the remaining one ghoul (one single ghoul) This was a bad choice.

I very, very closely come to experiencing another slow motion of my character and her limbs going their separate ways, I survive by around 5% of my total hit points. So, no more ghouls for me!

My journey isn't going so well today, I'm almost regretting upping the difficulty level, but - no, I'm going to keep going. I'm not beaten yet.

Rodents Of Unusual Size
They don't really exist though surely ?

R.O.U.S - Rodent Of Unusual Size
Firstly, I love the Princess Bride movie. It is an all time classic and thoroughly enjoyable, why not watch it after reading this blog?

Secondly, remember that I chose Wild Wastelend character perk?... yeah, I'd kind of forgotten.

While I was happily spelunking out in the wastes, searching for a lost caravan as part of my current side-quest, I carefully edge into the darkness of a cavern. Thankfully I collect the goodies unhindered.

Sadly, I turn to make my exit and there... right in-front of me, Is a Rodent Of Unusual Size. I figure, I may not be the Dread Pirate Roberts, but I'm pretty good at punching things. So I attack the R.O.U.S.

In two swipes of its unusually sized claws, it's very clear to see that within the next two seconds, I'll be re-spawning.

Slow motion kicks in, my character flying gracefully in several chunks backward through the air, splatting ever so daintily in several places. Yup... that's me dead again.

This went exactly as well as it should have.

Level 9 character statsI end the session by quickly ( and I do mean quickly) grabbing the bits from the lost caravan, exiting and running away... I wrap up several mission points and snatch another level from the Jaws of character advancement.

Character Detail:
Level 9
Unarmed Skill 59
Leather armour (reinforced) & Combat Helm Mk2 (reinforced)
 - both items of armour are entirely broken

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