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Session 22 | This is an ending...

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story."
- Orson Welles

Well, here it is, possibly even before I anticipated it. The end, the culmination... my finalé I started out some months previous on a challenge to complete the game Fallout New Vegas, fighting through combats with only my fists.

I've punched more things than I know of and much like my previous challenge (fallout 3) I've found that once you acquire the right character perks everything becomes just repetition of a series of common events.

The storyline was of little interest to me, I've been through this game a number of times and, I've bypassed a LOT of content, I've not stepped foot in the Sierra Madré nor ventured to Zion. There are probably numerous quests and side quests and unlisted quests that I overlooked while I rushed fist-first into this game, but it was never my intention to be completionist.

The only thing I needed to complete was the challenge I'd set out... and that I've done. I perhaps took too much meta-game capability to 'force' my characters progression, but the job is done.

It was only marginally harder than Fallout 3, and I did at one stage have to reduce the difficulty but for the most part this game was done on Hard difficulty, eventually even jumping into Very Hard difficulty once the game posed no challenge.

I hope you can all enjoy this final video I've put together as I look to fill my spare time with other trivial matters!

Thanks for watching / reading / following my mish-mash adventure, hope you've enjoyed it!

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