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    • This blog tracks my self-set personal challenge to complete Fallout: New Vegas, using no weapons.
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    • the game difficulty is currently set to Normal with Hardcore mode on, I shall attempt to raise difficulty unless it impedes progress.

Session 14 | Time I got to the punch-line

Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

Terrible pun to start this one with! but accurate, I've tried to finish (and I mean finish.. not just walk about the wastes for hours thinking about doing things)

*ahem* as I was saying.. tried to finish several of the myriad of quests I've opened. And I had a plan!

Beat people senseless!

And take their stuff... I went hunting about for easy prey, Powder Gangers now die with two punches, bloatflys still give experience and require no effort, Jackal Gangers I can cope with. And It dawned on me, I'd not even finished Novac!

Level 14 statsWell at this stage I'm pumped by some successful head punching, all that was left to do was go and cross the 'i' and dot the 'T'

Bam! Quests finished in Novac! Super, what's next? Nellis... sure why not... BAM - Boomers quests done. All coming together nicely now.

Fixing the Boomers solar arrays nets me my next level up.

I am on fire!

Time to kick things into overdrive, thanks to the Ranger dude in Novac I learn a new unarmed perk and thanks to the handy chaps at New Vegas Medical I get myself some cybernetic go-gettters - also known as upgrade implants.

Check out these stats!

I blow every cap I have ramming technology into my body so I can roam into the wastes and obliterate all that stand before me.

I'm riding high, So I head to camp Searchlight, one of the many area's I have outstanding quests. It is here that I realise that even with my cybernetic enhancements, I'm still just a punk.

I start chasing Ghoul troopers... and the start running from Ghoul troopers. my attacks do nothing to them! their armour clearly too much for my fleshy hams that do nothing other than annoy them. while fleeing for my life I start once again to think how I can overcome this obstical

I'm pretty sure it's at this point I've failed in my challenge ...

The challenge was to beat the game, all of it without using any weapons of any sort.

I think I've blow it, while I may not have equipped a weapon (and thus in my mind have 'used' no weapon) what I did do pretty much constitutes 'using' something as a weapon. In this case - I use NCR troops...

I lead the Ghouls out of the town up to Camp Searchlight where the NCR guys happily open fire and kill them. What do you think, was this an unfair 'use' of what is essentially a 3rd person weapons system? or was I simply acting as a natural catalyst to a situation which may have resolved the same way in my absence?

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Either way, done is done... I have to carry on, knowing that I have in essence been beaten by the game, and by the challenge I'd set myself.

Let's wrap this one up

I end the session tripping around Cottonwood Cove on behalf of the NCR troops that had aided me for some supplementary experience gain.

I end the session two levels higher, in some ways elated that I've accomplished so much in the session, and. as I've stated above, in some ways I'm dismayed as I personally think this challenge is failed.

A map of my journey in this session:
The end of session stats
Level 15 stats
Chaacter Detail
Level 15
Unarmed Skill 70
Combat Armour Mk2, Combat Helmet Mk2 (reinforced) or alternatively Boones Beret for the crit bonus!

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